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Providing Networking and IT Mobile Solutions


XLJ reach across borders with safe and sound transactions.

XLJ offers a wide range of community services

We have been at the heart of the community since 1995

We use an intelligent combination of up to date technologies and some of the finest programming in order to assure our clients the high value work and results they expect. Our programs, applications and websites are of the highest standard and style, and as part of our commitment to exacting quality, we do not outsource our work.
We use the latest technology and advancements in bridging communication across frontiers. Through our relationship with Jamaica National, Isend and TransferTo, customers in the United Kingdom can now top-up mobile phones of friend and Family anywhere in the world.
The Jamaica National Money Transfer Company is a subsidiary of the Jamaica National Building Society, who have an established track record lasting over 150 years as one of Jamaica’s biggest financial Institution for financing home purchases.
XLJ excels at creating secure online applications fully customised to your business needs. We focus on solving your unique challenges and creating ROI; whether it’s eCommerce, Content Management or something totally new to market, our experience and skills could prove invaluable. Want to know more? Get in touch.
Customers can now buy sim cards of our partner companies from any of our agent locations displaying the XL-Mobile top-up Logo. Customers can now buy sim cards of their destination country, so that on arrival at their destination, they can switch sim cards to the local provider.
No business is too small. We have over the years developed our IT service to cater for small business. Businesses that traditionally have a stand-alone Pc or work group.
  • Miss Julie Saunders, Brixton…when i travelled to Jamaica, i was able to call family from the airport to inform them i had arrived. In the past, i would have had no means of communication as i would not have had the local currency to use the pay phones available at the airport.